Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Custom-Built Hell

I occasionally read the Anonymous Conservative blog, and the topic here is Venezuela.

If you aren't familiar with AC, he talks about "rabbits" as r-strategists versus K-strategists "wolves".  Rabbits prosper and reproduce in low-threat environments of abundance.  K-strategists are adapted for high-threat environments and scarcity with struggle and competition.  I am not sure how much truth is here, but it is interesting.  It is certainly my belief that the current level of divergence from reality and failure to recognize obvious and blatant threats could only take place in the relative peace and prosperity of the last few decades in the West.

When there is no longer "plenty for everybody" things change:

More and more I see people who could best be described as sub-human. Because society is in a state of r, K-strategists who want to rectify this at the genetic level have to confront that if they take action, they likely will be acting alone, and subject to the legal strictures of the rabbit. 
As K takes over, K-strategists begin to realize that if they act, they will probably be acting within the cover of a group. As the law attempts to catch them, their fellow K-strategists may offer them cover. If they are caught, K-strategists on the jury may very well subvert the legal process in the favor of their fellow K-strategist.
I am reminded of what happens to child molesters in prison.    When people are forced by circumstances to move to K-strategies, there is going to be more vigilantism and "street justice".  The result will sometimes be injustice -- but that is the case now with our legal system operating in violation of the laws of common sense, of nature and of nature's God.  
A couple of years ago, a loathsome creature grabbed a little girl, about ten years old, I think, off the sidewalk. He raped and murdered her then threw her body in a bin filled with bleach to destroy the DNA evidence.  The cops caught him and locked him up.  He is still awaiting trial, costing the taxpayers money, and using up oxygen.  When society breaks down -- and it will, creeps like that will be lynched or set on fire like the mugger in Venezuela.  
Sooner or later stupidity creates the hell it deserves.


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