Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earl and Rurban

Different worlds.  My title comes from a woman with whom I used to work.  We were pulling data for a project that had an urban/rural split.  She tried to say "rural and urban" one too many at the end of a very long day, and we were so tired that we laughed hysterically and probably frightened the horses.

So many of us are urban-dwellers these days that rural living has become a foreign concept. To illustrate, let me show you a set of tools I might want to have in an urban environment:

We're probably not going to be squirrel hunting or building shelters.  Our concerns are going to be protection and self-defense.  One of the more potent tactical flashlights would be a much better choice, but this is something the average person might carry every day if the world starts coming apart. 

For someone heading out into the sticks, on the other hand, being able to shoot some food if the occasion presents itself might be a good idea. 

Get to the choppah!  That's a Condor Tools and Knives Heavy Duty Kukri, and it is very heavy-duty.  It's 1095 carbon steel, I think, just like the Bear and Sons folder below it.  Fire, light, tools, and you can do a fair job of taking care of yourself, at least in the short term. 

When people talk about preps, it is important to understand the environment for which they are preparing.  We have our preferences and biases toward certain tools, what we've used and what's worked for us.  Categories apply in any environment, but the specific ways in which we fill those categories should be tailored to our particular situation and our individual needs.


  1. Earl and Rurban would make a great name for a country duo.

    I like that Kukri, my son-in-law picked one up at a thrift store, pretty decent shape, and gave it to may father-in-law for his 90th birthday last month. That's quite a weapon, like a condensed sword.

  2. The soon-to-be 11-year-old grandson was quite impressed with the Condor. It's has heft like an axe. I won't be digging in the dirt much with this one, unless it does really hit the fan one of these days.