Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Unthinking

I don't like to link to Mr. Lane because of the nature of some of material, but he deserves the H/T.

Love the coat

You can listen to what the gentleman says, if you can afford to have your IQ dropped five points.  He feels that we should outlaw all guns and all potentially lethal knives.  Perhaps he is a vegan so he doesn't face the challenge of trying to carve the Thanksgiving turkey with a spoon.  I suppose we would have to have hammer and nail gun registration.  No more mail order or internet nail sales.  If you have a criminal record or psychiatric problems, No nails for you!

Making fun of a person like this is kind of like making fun of a retarded kid.  I feel bad about it.  This is a man who clearly has psychiatric issues himself, or, as we say down home, he ain't quite right in the head.   

He apparently doesn't know that making a lethal knife is not terribly difficult or that men were killing one another quite effectively in the Neolithic with stone and bone and wood.  Or that, worst of all, I can kill you with my brain.  And a shoelace.

I am not nearly as concerned with the Undead as I am with the ramifications of the Unthinking Apocalypse.  


  1. I could only make it to 2 minutes.

    Heh, my wife and I just cut some sourwood for hiking staffs, and she needed a new sheparding "stick". They are drying in the living room. So what do I do? I pick mine up and start swinging it around as if in battle. I think it's in the genes. Not sure what this guy has in his.

  2. He is completely in another world. I didn't make it to the end either.

    I know what you mean. I'll cut a limb or sapling, and if it happens to be the right size, I'll start whittling on it to make a club. That's how we got where we are.