Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Talked Me Into It

Yesterday was official Columbus Day, and it was raining off and on.  We've had over six inches of rain the last week, which is great.  My pond is back up to its normal level.  There was still plenty of water in it, but it's always nice to see more.

My nephew and my son have been after me to buy a new rifle.  I keep telling them I can do everything I want with what I have.  A new rifle in a different caliber means a whole bunch more expense in terms of mounts and optics and dies and components.

Since it was raining and I didn't feel like playing outside, I went to Academy Sports, and they have the Remingtons back in after the recall.  The Remington 700 ADL -- synthetic stock, matte finish, ugly as mud fence except for the lines -- was available for $380.  There was a .25-06.  I always thought that was a cool caliber, but I've never had one.  I do now.  I even made it through the NIC without a delay this time.  Destiny.

It looks like I need 87-grain bullets and 117-grain bullets and IMR4831.  I have 5000 or so Large Rifle primers so I don't need to worry about that for a while.  I'm looking at scopes.  I'll pick up some loaded ammo so I can get her sighted in and have some brass, and I need dies.  Without optics or ammo, it's kind of hard to figure out how she'll shoot.

Once I get her dressed and fed, I'll post a picture and do a review.    


  1. That sounds like a good, long-range gun. Inexpensive too. Can't go wrong with a Model 700 I suppose. I like the synthetic/matte look. -the dreaded black gun!

    That's a lot of rain. September was a little dry here but we have had a good, wet October. Pastures are doing great.

  2. That's good news. We were very dry most of the summer. This is bringing us back.

    I, too, like the utilitarian look. The only reason I have a stainless and green (yep) Springfield XDM instead of a black one is because my nephew was with me when I bought it. He's the one chiding me for not getting something shinier.