Monday, October 6, 2014

The Doctor in the White Hazmat Suit

This is from a few days ago.  Dr. Mobley is a local.  He's a microbiologist and ER trauma specialist.  I will add one caveat in that he is apparently associated with medical marijuana.  I don't think that necessarily makes him a kook, but it does, with the protective gear stunt, lead one to think the doctor might be something of an attention-seeker. 

My view is that trusting countries like Liberia to do the screenings for Ebola is a recipe for disaster.  In that, I think Dr. Mobley is correct:

Mobley says there aren't controls in place to stop the spread. 
"I came through customs and immigration at the busiest airport in the world last night.  They didn't ask me where I'd been.  They didn't thermo-scan me.  They didn't ask me whether I'd been sick.  They asked me if I had tobacco and alcohol, and that was it.  Where's the screening?  This is irresponsible," Mobley said, after arriving in Springfield.
He's calling for protocols and procedures now, not only at airports, but hospitals and clinics, or he believes Ebola will run rampant. 
"I've been following epidemics and pandemics all my life," Mobley said.  "My admonishment, my suggestion, my plea: start the protocols and plans now!"

The TSA has time to strip-search Grandma and demand that old Christian hillbillies take off their baseball caps and surrender their Mountain Dew, but they don't have time to stop travelers coming in from infected countries that should be under quarantine?

I detest the TSA.  In their zeal to avoid profiling, they broke the zipper on a brand-new bag that I checked last time I flew -- which may be the last time I ever fly.  At least we could put the goons to doing something useful.  Especially if we are not going to severely restrict travel into the U.S. from plague-ridden hellholes.

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