Friday, November 15, 2013

No Gloating

Really, I don't know if Obamacare is going to be Obama's Katrina, Stained Blue Dress, No New Taxes, Iran-Contra, Iranian Embassy, Nixon Pardon, Watergate, Tet Offensive, or what.  It doesn't matter.  Those of us who have opposed the ACA and Obama's policies in general would certainly be glad to see this Frankencare monstrosity die an ignominious and fiery death.  But I still think it is wrong to gloat.

At American Thinker, Thomas Lifson suggests "Obama's fallen and he can't get up".

Meanwhile, Fouad Ajami offers a WSJ editorial:  When the Obama Magic Died.  

There is a lot of truth to what is being said.  Obama's blatant lies have been exposed.  I am not sorry, but I am not celebrating.  Correspondence from our Democrat Senator, Claire "Ma Hogg" McCaskill indicates that the left is still trying to focus on the "website glitch".  The same can be gleaned from Obama's non-apology during his press conference.  His subsequent speech in Cleveland yesterday was defiant.  He will veto any bill that would offer a permanent fix, defund, or repeal the ACA. 

Obama's solution is to make an executive change to the law to allow current policies to continue through 2014.  Constitutionally, he has zero authority or standing to do this.  This is legislation passed by Congress.  It is, unfortunately, the law of the land, upheld by a Supreme Court decision.  It is in effect.  There is nothing he can legally do about it.  If his "solution" is allowed to go forward, the rule of law in this country is not just dead but rotted and stinking.  We might as well bury it, disband Congress, and accept Teh Won as Dear Reader. 

It is hard to say whether Obama and his team are malicious or simply abominably stupid.  Not that is necessarily an either-or choice.  Surely no one in this country who has ever taken a class on the U.S. Constitution would be that purely ignorant.  It looks like maliciousness with desperation a la cart.     


  1. How about an "I told you so?" I was in Washington protesting on the day the ACA passed and took a lot of flack from my "friends" for it.

    If his "solution" is allowed to go forward, the rule of law in this country is not just dead but rotted and stinking.

    Now, that's a buzzkill.

  2. I think "I told you so" is acceptable.

    I'm hoping, of course, that the House, at least, stands up. Even old Chuck Todd said he can't do it. So, it's not just crazy right-wingers.