Thursday, November 21, 2013

Government Schools -- They Own Your Children

They just rent them out to you at night in exchange for your tax dollars.

Down in the Greenest State in the Land of the Free, Jim Howe was arrested for picking up his son from school on foot instead of in a car

Jim Howe, father of two children enrolled in South Cumberland Elementary in Crossville, Tennessee, arrived at the school on foot at dismissal time: 2:00 PM. But a new school policy states that students may only leave at 2:00 PM if their parents are picking them up in cars. Walkers must wait until 2:35 PM.

Howe maintained that the policy was meant to apply to students walking home by themselves, not students walking home with their parents.

“You don’t need a reason as a parent to go get your children,” he told school officials.
The link includes a video shot by Howe's fiancee of the encounter between the father and a deputy sheriff/school resource officer, Avery Aytes.  I can only imagine the carnage which would have ensued had this been my father back in the good old days.  I'm not sure I would have been as nice as Mr. Howe if I had been in his place.  Fortunately, this being the age of the ubiquitous digital image and sound capture, Deputy Aytes and South Cumberland Elementary can be seen by the world for the petty despots they are. 

I'd be surprised if Howe's phone is not swamped with messages from ambulance-chasers who can smell the settlement money like a shark smells blood. 

Folks need to pull their kids out of these government indoctrination centers. 

As far as Deputy Aytes goes, I know his kind.  They aren't bad guys; they just never pass up a rare opportunity to get a little spurt of testosterone.  He is an idiot. 


  1. This is taking the paternalistic state to new levels. Will the law enforcement officer in this case qualify for a beer with Obama?

  2. Thanks, Brendan. That made me laugh.