Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Writing About Knife Fighting

The howtofightwrite tumblr has a post about writing a knife fight and the dos and don'ts.

In fact, it contains a good deal of commonsense advice on the knife as a weapon.  Go over and read the whole thing.

I gave my oldest granddaughter a pretty little assisted-opening knife to carry in her purse.  I explained to her some of the same information the Tumblr writer conveys.  The knife is a short-range ambush weapon.  It works well in tight quarters.  It works best if an assailant does not know the intended victim has such a weapon until it starts to do damage.

A knife-wielder does not need a great deal of skill beyond knowing those rudimentary guidelines.  As the writer says, "The basic principle of the knife is incredibly simple:  You're gonna shank a dude."

It's still a martial art.

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