Friday, October 21, 2016

Storm Warning

I don't know who is going to get the most votes on November 8.  There is a part of me that doesn't care, because I think, either way, we are in for some rough times.

If Clinton becomes president, I expect we will get into some kind of conflict with Russia.  The current regime seems intent on poking and provoking Putin.  Clinton has said she will challenge the Bear further.  Why do something so utter senseless over a rathole like Syria and Assad?  Perhaps the globalists see an opportunity to evade the massive financial collapse by instigating a large-scale conflict.  The Obama/Clinton administration is a globalist puppet-regime.

If Trump should beat the odds and prevail, I would not be surprised to see a financial collapse take place within the first fews months or weeks of 2017.  Yeah, I know, I've been predicting a financial disaster since 2010, but I could not begin to comprehend the ability of the various central banks to collude in the can-kicking.

We are, I think, rapidly approaching the point when a crisis becomes impossible to avoid.  Just think about $20 trillion of debt -- with nothing to show for it.

War tends to obscure a merely financial disaster.  Or, Trump becomes the perfect scapegoat on whom the globalists can pin their failures.  

I am going to stockpile a little more food in the next few weeks, and do some minor work on some of my equipment.  I am also figuring on picking up a few cows come spring.  I don't want to have to deal with anything this winter.

Maybe I'll be wrong again.  I kind of hope I am.  I won't feel too bad.


  1. It's hard to ignore the logic in your post today Mushroom. The financial system is in uncharted territory, equities are inflated as a result and guess who the losers will be when the eventual 'correction' takes place?

    I hope you are wrong too, but in all probability you are not.

  2. While in prayer in 2008, God told me that "There is a time coming when the world will be brought to its knees." No, this is not Armageddon; he also said "The country will survive, emerging from this trial stronger and more unified than ever before." I don't fancy myself a prophet; this was a purely "out of the blue" thing. I'm not a "doomsday guy" either, but hearing what I heard then, and seeing what I'm seeing now, I really don't think we're long from a true TEOTWAWKI event...

    God help us all...

  3. I don't understand the Russia hating. From what the internet has shown me, I like the Russians. Why can't they influence the Mideast if they really want to?

    Oh yeah, it's the proposed gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria to Europe rather than having Europe buy Russian gas. Also, we have to support our dear friends the Saudis so they can buy more of our weapons systems.


  4. I do hope we are wrong.

    Pete, I have lived too long to dismiss a warning like that out of hand. Prophet or no, we live in interesting times.

    My deal with Putin is that he is Russian and has his own nation's interests, and possibly his own interests, foremost. He does not appear to want to bow to the globalists. This may be why he is targeted by the Ministry of Propaganda -- I mean, the media.