Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Widows and Orphans

It is a clever rhetorical argument:  that we flyover-country rednecks and racists are afraid of widows and orphans.  Of course there is no objective truth behind it, but there doesn't have to be.  It effectively paints a negative picture which left-leaning Lo-Fo's are quick to embrace. 

The elitist collectivists in Washington are not interested in debating us.  They want to silence us. 

Obama is evidently terrified of white people, especially white Christian males.  Like most black men, Obama immediately goes into his false bravado, macho act when confronted with opposition of any kind from white males.  The only reason he insists on throwing open the borders to illegal immigrants and importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims -- many of whom have connections to terrorist organizations -- is because he wants to replace the white Christian population with more easily manipulated and less intimidating Islamic third-worlders.  

Is that true?  It is at least as true as Obama's assertion that we are afraid of widows and orphans.  We are slowly learning that we cannot defeat rhetoric with dialectic.  The sophists on the other side refuse to engage in logic or reality-based arguments.  Sophists are not interested in truth, only in power. 

On the one hand, I do not want to resort to this kind of low-class, illogical, feelings-based rhetoric.  On the other hand, I would like my grandchildren to know liberty and opportunity.  That's not going to happen if the collectivists have their way. Propaganda has a long history.  It is used because it works. 

There is no rational reason to allow a flood of Syrian or other Islamic refugees into this country or the nations of Europe.  It makes no sense to make France, Germany, or the United States more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.  These people are NOT "fleeing terrorism".  They are fleeing a sectarian war.  In a war between Sunni and Shia or whatever, I have no dog in the fight.  They have been killing one another for fifteen hundred years or so -- when they aren't too busy killing Christians, Jews, and other "infidels". 

I supported Bush's invasion of Iraq because I thought his intention was to teach the Islamic radicals a lesson.  I was wrong.  I am sorry.  It certainly taught me a lesson.  As bad as that turned out, Obama, Jarret, Clinton, et al, multiplied the disaster by pulling out of Iraq and supporting the "Arab Spring" in Egypt, Libya, and Syria thereby further destabilizing the region and effectively creating and arming ISIS.  Not satisfied with creating chaos in the Middle East, they want to import it to the West. 

Whatever it takes to stop this foolishness is justified.


  1. That's a very fair analysis. Depressing but fair.

  2. It is kind of depressing, isn't it. Thanks.