Monday, November 9, 2015

Mizzou Surrenders to Racists

The president of MU resigned because the feelings of some racist witchhunters were hurt about some stuff, most of which was probably made up.

The ante was upped when 32 members of the university's football team joined the hunger strike.  MU football coach, Gary Pinkel, seemed to support his players' action, saying that we are all one at Mizzou.

I am not.  I am going to burn my Mizzou headgear, and, if I can find the sheepskin they gave me, I may send it back to them. 

I am sick of coddling bullies.  These are "professional weaker brothers" (see Romans 14 and 15) who use their weakness to intimidate others and get their way about anything.  The MU president hadn't done anything.  He was one of them -- as is Pinkel, apparently.  He is being attacked and driven out as a warning to others. 

Straight white males are no longer welcome at the University of Missouri.  The campus must be made safe because black people these days are too weak and pathetic to stand up to a little ribbing and name-calling -- if that really happened, which I doubt.  Previous generations stood up to fire hoses. 

If any of the students at MU who participated in this virtual lynching happen to read my blog, I want you to know that you are ignorant, racist and fascist. 


  1. After reading the ex-president's statements, all I can say is, what a weener.
    I dunno, it is kind of satisfying watching all this blow up. The reaping and the sowing and all that.

    If that jerk truly stood up in front of that group and shouted those racial slurs, the offended should have given him a whuppin' or better yet, he could have been ignored, and the whole issue would have been settled right there.

  2. Very true. They are taking down one of their own. I think the whole thing is made up with very little to no basis in objective reality.