Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Religious Freedom Under Pressure

You mean like Christians being forced to bake cakes for the Gaystepo?

Oops, no, that doesn't appear on the list:  the report seems focused on Islamic blasphemy laws and European anti-Semitism.  Those are certainly problems that are going to get worse as long as the U.S. is backing Sharia law advocates in the Middle East while Merkel & Co. allow Muslim invaders free access to the pseudo-states of the EU conglomerate. 

Islam in most of its forms does not appear to be compatible with our historical western values, our respect for individualism, and our concepts of freedom.  The Euro-weinies are anti-Christian, as is the American ruling elite, whatever public face they put on.  Christianity is not compatible with the Borg mindset of the collectivists.  They believe they will have an easier time assimilating the followers of Mohammed than the followers of Jesus.  In this, they are correct.

I do not know if the ruling class is aware that they are fomenting a "holy" war.  It seems intentional, but they could really be too stupid to grasp the consequences of their actions.   


  1. I put it down to theological illiteracy, which I guess is a form of stupidity.

  2. That's probably more accurate, and kinder.

  3. Aye, they really are that stupid. Although I don't think all of them are that stupid. Stupid or just plain evil, the results will be the same.