Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Direct Democracy vs. Lawyer-archy

 Vox Day speaks of dealing with our problems in the West and one recommendation is direct democracy.  A quote from VD down in the comments: Mob rule is better than corrupt, self-interested elite rule.

There is a lot of rowdy exchange in the comments.  Everybody understands that central governments, national or multi-national like the EU, have far too much power.  Once bureaucracies and regulatory agencies get started, voting actually has very little effect on daily activities.  The courts become more of a problem than the legislatures. 

We have too many lawyers.  You know why you need lawyers?  To defend yourself against other lawyers.  It is not, generally, a productive profession.  It is parasitical.  It can be symbiotic if there aren't too many, but, in most of the West, they are slowly killing the host.  Mob rule, anarchy, vigilantism, I'm starting to think all of them are better than "lawyer-archy". 

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