Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jay Nixon Vetoes Abortion Waiting Period Bill

Daniel Doherty at Townhall does the hard work.

I first noted this coming up a few weeks ago.

Governor Eagle Scout probably thinks 24 hours is too much to decide if a person wants to kill an innocent baby.  It isn't like much is going to change biologically in three days.

Nixon, a Democrat, said in a statement that lawmakers' failure to include an exception for rape or incest "demonstrates a callous disregard for women who find themselves in horrific circumstances."
This is just rhetoric.  A woman who has been raped will know well ahead of time whether she wants to bring a child into the world or not.  As far as incest, that's all of three people.  How about a callous disregard for the child that had nothing to do with the circumstances of his or her conception?  I would say being ripped from the womb of one's mother would be pretty "horrific". 

The harsh, hard truth is that the vast majority of women who get abortions are not victims of anything other their own irresponsible sexual behavior, who thought they could have their fun without any consequences.

Because so many of those who use abortion as a way to avoid the consequences of their "choice" are minorities, abortion is just eugenics for the squeamish.  Progressives never change.     

I wonder why those old Dead White Guys put life in front of liberty? 

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