Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Wouldn't Exactly Call It "Breaking"

BREAKING: Leaked Benghazi Emails Lead to White House.

You can read it on the Conservative Tribune link.  CT links to a Fox News story.

I am so shocked to learn that Obama lied about knowing this was a terrorist attack.  

 Of course they knew it.  They were watching it all fall apart. 

The fact is that Obama and his staffers, especially that stupid, sleazy Susan Rice, and disgusting, arrogant Hillary Clinton are guilty of allowing a U.S. ambassador and three other men die because they didn't want to spoil their triumphant narrative in the Middle East.  The Obama foreign policy is increasingly exposed as an ongoing, accelerating disaster.  Obama is as incompetent and inadequate in terms of doing his actual job as Jimmy Carter was.  

And nothing is going to come of it.  Hillary will be somehow cleansed of her part in this disaster and the even more disturbing cover-up.  The media will continue to ignore this as being a "non-story" -- just like the IRS targeting of opposition groups.  

I watched Rough Riders with Tom Berenger as Teddy Roosevelt and Sam Elliot the other night.  Considering it is a made-for-TV movie, it's not a bad Milius effort, reflecting both the genuine courage of Roosevelt and his men as well as the questionable political maneuvering and moral uncertainty involved in instigating the conflict.  My grandparents were big fans of TR and voted for him.  He was more progressive than libertarian, certainly, but he was a good, if misguided, American.  

I wonder, too, if Americans, including men like Roosevelt and simple people like my grandparents, could not afford to be more trusting of our government in those days.  That trust was clearly misplaced, at times, but it was not nearly as dangerous as the misplaced trust some of us had in our government and military after 9/11.  The press has always been easily corrupted, as Milius points out via William Randolph Hearst's portrayal in Rough Riders.  Now they are not capitalists but propagandists for the left.  Our freedoms are greatly eroded.  We must guard them zealously and fervently challenge all attempts to wrest any more from us, even as we fight to restore some of what we have lost.

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