Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Insensitive Cheerleaders

Up in Saskatchewan at the University of Regina, members of the cheerleading team posted a picture on Instagram:

Some of the women in the Instagram picture are wearing plaid shirts and cowboy hats, while others have feathers, headbands and braids in their hair and dresses that are made to look like they're made from animal skin.
You can read the story and see the very innocuous picture at the link.  The women who perpetrated this horror will no doubt be subjected to diversity re-education. 

I wonder how badly it would mess things up if any of the girls turn out to be of aboriginal stock? 

One of the professors was disturbed:

"I was disturbed by the image, and I thought that the team, like all of us who live in Saskatchewan, likely need formal education on the topic," Sterzuk told CBC News, "because treating First Nations and Métis women as a costume objectifies them, and that behaviour, I think, contributes to their dehumanization, which is a larger problem that I think all Canadians need to be concerned about."

Really?  Is this just about the Indians?  Was it all right to "objectify" the cowboys?  What about everybody eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Pat's?  What about the elves at Christmas and witches on Halloween?  Patriots on the Fourth of July or Dominion Day?  Where does it end? 

If dressing up as somebody you are not "dehumanizes" what you dress up as, what does that mean for transvestites? 

If we were to ever start demanding consistency in thinking, I suspect these petty little despots would be immobilized, impaled upon the horns of their own dilemma. 

What these girls need to do is to "come out" and declare themselves as Trans-Racials, that they are really "First Nations" on the inside.  Just start up a chapter and demand their own student union where they only serve fish and caribou prepared in a traditional manner or something equally ridiculous.  Beat the education mafia at their own game.  

We don't need "formal education" on sensitivity -- not that such a thing is possible.  You can be indoctrinated or brainwashed to be politically correct, but you can't be a truly educated, thinking human and accept this hogwash.  The prigs and prudes of political correctness are in desperate need of an education in humor (or humour, for our Commonwealth friends).  If you can't take a joke, you are not fit to associate with civilized people.

The actual words Owen Wister had his character utter were, "When you call me that, smile!"    


  1. I'm sure the "First Nations" conquered some "pre-First Nations." So the "pre-First-Nations" people may be quitely enjoying all this.

    I find it very hard to believe anyone was actually offended. Fake rage is a tool of control.

    This may trigger some real rage if those who seek to control keep it up.