Thursday, March 13, 2014

Copper Is Acting Funny Again

Right now in the middle of the afternoon, 3/13/2014, copper is at 3.02.  The five-day chart here shows the 3.12 plateau from which it has fallen.  It seems that just a few days ago, it was 3.40.

Most likely it will recover some.

What I was thinking about last night was how China has stockpiled USDs for years and years, using them to fund all their industrial imports and infrastructure projects, including their alleged ghost cities.  I don't believe in the Chinese miracle.  Central planning and a government-controlled economy eventually result in catastrophe.  China has used its economic boost to fund a massive expansion of its military.  It's the military they will use when the spinning plates of the global economy stop spinning and start crashing.  If they want to be the Pacific power, there are not far from being able to make a move.

One more thought on the Ukraine, I don't think it will go much farther.  Putin needs to sell his oil and gas in western Europe as much as Germany and the rest need to buy it.  I'd be surprised if that market is jeopardized.  Most likely Russia will back off a little and let Obama save some face. 

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