Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Or Maybe I Could Use This

My wife is always coming up with crazy projects for me to “beautify” our little place here.  A recent one involved some changes to the flower bed she has at the driveway entrance.  I had some extra rebar around, and I decided that a short section of rebar driven in then bent so the top portion was parallel to the ground would make an easy and solid anchor for some timbers.  I also decided that a couple of large staples would be a nice and unobtrusive means for attaching the rebar to the timber.  Except I didn’t have any large staples on hand, and I certainly did not want to drive into town to get a whole box when I only needed two or three. 

What I did have was an abundant supply of 3¼ inch 12-penny nails. 


I’m not saying that they would win any beauty contests, but they were a quick fix for a minor problem and kind of fun to create. 

By the way, the nails driven into the piece of timber form my field-expedient rebar cutting jig. 


  1. Nice. And you found yet another use for those fencing pliers.

  2. It is a true multitool. I normally use a 16-oz ball peen hammer for all my nail driving, but it's redundant for a lot of work if I have the pliers.