Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Romney and the NRA

Denninger does not think much of Romney's Second Amendment creds.  As he says in the linked screed, buy your guns and ammo now. 

Nobody shorts brass and lead.  Or primers.

None of the usual suspects can be trusted on the firearms.  I'm completely libertarian with regard to weaponry.  I think the Second Amendment is your concealed carry permit.  I think if a criminal has served all his time, he should be able to vote and carry a gun.  A person who cannot be trusted with a firearm should simply not be allowed back on the street.  Leave 'em locked up or put 'em down. 

I have heard liberal after liberal throw crap about how a handgun would have been ineffective given that the perpetrator was allegedly wearing armor.  I question the nature of his armor, as I suspect it was probably "tactical" or "ballistic" gear rather than a vest capable of thwarting most handgun rounds.  Look-like-a-ninja stuff.  Even if I am wrong, a handgun bullet will certainly throw a person off stride even if it does not penetrate.  Getting hit while wearing a bullet-proof vest hurts.  That energy is going somewhere.  As far as shooting in the dark goes, that's what lights and lasers are for.  If the theater had not forbidden the carrying of firearms on their premises -- which is certainly their prerogative as a private business -- Holmes would have thought twice attempting his murder spree in there. 


  1. Ugh! Just when I was beginning to sort of possibly like the guy.

  2. Mitt is still the lesser of two weevils, as they say in Master and Commander.