Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things Going on in Israel

Day before yesterday, Netanyahu was going to dissolve the government and hold new elections.  Yesterday, he announced that he was forming a new government with the opposition party.

By joining the government coalition, newly elected Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz avoids facing voters amid polls indicating that his centrist party would lose more than half its Knesset seats. Just a month ago, Mofaz declared he would not join the government and vowed to unseat Netanyahu.
Sounds like Netanyahu called Mofaz's bluff.  The other thing that could be going on with a consensus government is laying the political foundation for a unified Israel in an attack on Iran.  You have to think that is coming.  Europe's power, wealth, and influence is crumbling as noted yesterday.  Israel can probably count on Obama and America only under the pressure of an election and then only as a secondary resource.  The clock is ticking.  I can't imagine that they wait much past September.

Updated with some idle speculation from the Atlantic.

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