Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Uptick in Attacks on 'Polar Bears'

Black on White unprovoked attacks in Chicago -- read the article here.

Welcome to post-racial America. Mainly white men are being targeted. Other reports I've seen recently indicate that white, middle-aged, often overweight (hence the 'polar bear' designation) individuals are attacked for fun. These are not thieves or muggers. These are punks, often in groups, that punch unsuspecting people in the face or from behind. They look for people who are alone and unlikely to fight back. They are not looking for a fight. Four on one is not a fight; it's an invitation to a beat down.

They probably don't do this as much in Texas or Florida where concealed carry is a possibility.


  1. Sounds like standard issue human tribal nature to me.

    Doesn't this happen to black people in predominantly hispanic areas, too.

    I really dislike tribalism in general.

  2. Tribalism is a good word for it. It reminds me of "counting coup" as some American Indians used to do. I don't consider it as much a racial issue as a cultural one.

    Also, I mentioned the concealed carry thing -- I didn't mean to imply that excessive force should be employed. This is "fun" for the perpetrator -- I wouldn't want to kill or seriously wound a person just for punching me. I'm well past middle age -- I think it's reasonable to doubt I'll live to see 2076 -- but I don't think a single punch is going to do me much damage.

    A more appropriate response is to fight back with one's fists. If a person is unable to physically fight back, it would be acceptable to use non-lethal means of choice, e.g., pepper spray, taser, baton, or brass knuckles ;)

    After getting a face full of pepper spray, a few times, these attacks will seem much less humorous.