Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Maybe There is Something to Conspiracy Theories After All

This is a very long article at Zerohedge and is worth reading, though potentially a little scary and probably a little scaremongering.

In essence, it is about the dire situation we are in economically, and the fact that the political class is controlled by the financiers.

I'm not sure if I take any of it too seriously. I will admit, however, that Obama unleashing the dogs of war has occurred to me. This actually becomes easier with a Republican (not Tea Party) majority in Congress. It becomes bipartisan: "We stand united against this external threat to America".

Is Obama ideologically opposed to war? Yes, war against Muslims, but not against the Chinese.


  1. Xenakis over at www.generationaldyamics.com is convinced that there is a WWIII coming with the West/India vs. China/Sunni Islam. He's been convinced of that for years and years. I think he originally thought it would begin in 2010.

    He also, interestingly enough, believes that Iran (Shia Islam) will allign itself with the West agains Sunni Islam.

    He also expects that the war will turn nuclear.

    He's quite pessimistic over there.

  2. I work with a lot of Indian engineers, both remotely in India and here in the States. India does form a bulwark of sorts against Chinese expansion. I've worked with Chinese nationals, but they were mostly of the dissident variety. I tend to think China is opportunistic, but interested primarily in being an Asian/Western Pacific power, as opposed to seeking global hegemony.

    There is also historic animosity between China and Japan. The Japanese would love nothing more than to shake off their current economic malaise and give China a smackdown.

    Iran was a western ally under the Shah, of course. But the natural leader of Islam in that part of the world is Turkey. Turkey is shaking off the western influence and control of the army and seems to be intent on becoming more of an Islamic republic and defender of Islam. Their little flotilla maneuver against Israel being a recent example.

    If Turkey gets fired up, Israel has all kinds of problems. The Turks are a legitimate military power and would be a truly dangerous enemy.

    It seems to me the Pentagon had (maybe still has) a master plan. Iran has long needed taking out. Iraq on one side, Afghanistan on the other side, and use the Saudi (Arab) Muslims against the Iranian (Persian) Muslims in the south.

  3. Regarding pessimism, the stuff I post here does occasionally sound like gloom-and-doom, but my intention is to alert rather than frighten or panic.

    That's why I call it 'prudence' and encourage common sense precautions. I don't know if we'll have inflation, deflation, stagflation, or tarnation. I don't know if I should buy more gold, more silver, more equities, more bonds, or more PVC pipe, but pork-n-beans are always a good investment. Gold may be a bubble, but we always need to eat.