Thursday, March 2, 2017

The NYT Fears For Democracy

Actually, the Times fears democracy.

The narrative must be protected.  Read the Neoreactionary analysis.  The NYT link is embedded there if you want to check the original.

Having no restrictions on voting in a representative republic is fine with the establishment power brokers.  Watering down a nation's culture and will through the mass importation of invaders who have no desire nor motivation to assimilate, who know nothing of its history, who share no values, principles or ideals with its native citizens is, in the estimation of the institutional wise men, perfectly in keeping with preserving the West.

The internet is not breaking the hold of the Ministry of Truth media, but it is forming cracks in the outer wall.  There are still people who think that anything on "Today", "The View", or the evening news is fact.  They trust in the "journalistic integrity" of people who hold Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, and Brian Williams as models to be emulated.

Television news is propaganda used to sell soap.

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