Thursday, January 19, 2017

It All Started When He Hit Me Back

I keep hearing how Trump needs to "change his tone", stop tweeting, start acting presidential, stop responding to his enemies -- you know, stop all the stuff that got him elected.

I have bad news for the left in America.  The nice conservatives are dead.  We're having the funeral tomorrow.  You might have heard about it.

It's not like there's a new utopia coming or anything like that.  Trump is talking about trimming 10 trillion in the next 10 years from federal expenditures.  Those sound like real cuts rather than cuts in increases, which is the usual political parlor trick.  Trump certainly knows how to negotiate.  Let's hope he puts that skill to good use.

The left and much of the "decent" right are unhappy because the rhetorical advantage has shifted away from them.  I don't claim to be Alt-Right -- I'm not entirely sure what constitutes that group.  There is a certain amount of right-libertarianism, at least a bit of anarcho-capitalism, and a sprinkling of white supremacy, or at least white separatism.  Primarily, though, it appears to be nationalist as opposed globalist, which is where I might come in.

The Alt-Right is about tactics and winning, which is why Trump became the Alt-Right candidate -- though Trump himself is probably more of a centrist on most social issues.  It is the hyperventilating, hysterical left that believes he is going to shut down abortion clinics, repeal the voting rights act, and jail opposition leaders, war against homosexuals and make sexual assault great again.

I do think the path ahead for this country is difficult and fraught with danger, but that's primarily the doing of the Establishment left and right and its media minions.  The Establishment Republicans are accusing Trump of being thin-skinned, while somehow failing to notice the constant petulance, pettiness, and immature responses of the half-Kenyan bastard for the last eight years.  The Ministry of Truth swings away at those of us who oppose the Establishment, calling us racists, xenophobes, islamophobes, misogynists, and anything else that is convenient.  They suggest that men who own firearms are "compensating" for sexual inadequacies.  They project their own evil onto us.  Yet when we dare to strike back, we are being "mean-spirited".  

As a Christian, I'm all for turning the other cheek in my own personal encounters, when there's nothing more at stake than an insult or minor humiliation.  Like acting in love and helping those in need, meekness is a virtue only when we practice it from the heart.  There is no virtue in forced charity or forced meekness.  In fact, one might even that forced meekness is a function of cowardice.  And keep in mind that courage and honesty are virtues, too.

This isn't about me personally.  This is politics.  Politics is war.  The battles are fought in the minds of the masses.  The weapon is rhetoric, because, honestly, most people are not interested -- if they are capable of -- following logical arguments.  The nice conservatives have tried logic, and they have lost.  The nation has moved left, hooked and towed by rhetoric.  Temporary blockades of logic and dialectic may have slowed the journey to the junkyard of history, but conservatism as a philosophy has failed to turn the country toward tradition and truth.

Rhetoric works because it appeals at an emotional level.  Yes, you had millions of Mexicans out in California still voting for socialism.  But to the American Midwest, Trump looked like a winner.  And he won.  He won despite a tape of him saying something shockingly vulgar.  He won despite his combativeness, his pettiness, his vulgarity, and his disdain for the elite.  He won because he fought back.  He called people out.  He won because he wasn't afraid to be called vulgar and petty.

To continue to win, nationalists must stop being afraid of being called names.  The proper response to being called racist is "I don't care."  Call me a redneck.  Say that I am xenophobic.  Call me a white supremacist.  Say that I hate Mexicans, Muslims, women, gays, whatever.  I don't care.

The word "satan", at its root, means an adversary, an accuser.  Satan's primary weapon is accusation with the intention of causing guilt.  Without the ability to invoke guilt and shame, the devil is essentially neutralized.

The Establishment or the "elites", if you prefer, are like Satan in this regard.  Their rhetoric is negative and accusatory.  The intent is to guilt us into acquiescing to denials of reality that would be ludicrous if they weren't so damaging to the social fabric.  If we don't submit and melt into piles of blubbering shame at their salvos, they have nothing.       


  1. A thoughtful post Mushroom.

    Too many Christians in particular fail to differentiate between our obligation to 'turn the other cheek' when attacked personally, and what is an appropriate response to an assault against our liberties, our families and the national good.

  2. "The proper response to being called racist is "I don't care." Call me a redneck. Say that I am xenophobic. Call me a white supremacist. Say that I hate Mexicans, Muslims, women, gays, whatever. I don't care."

    Exactly. Good post, Mush.