Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Am So Racist

Well, it is really Mr. Derbyshire, but he does kind of have a point:

Look: Next year is the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 black riots inDetroit,Newark, and, yes, Milwaukee. 
Fifty years—two entire human generations—andstill they riot. Fifty years of fretting and fussing, of nagging and shaming, of affirmative action and contracting set-asides; fifty years of jobs programs, food programs, billion-dollar overhauls of school systems. Fifty years of pushing role models, black doctors and detectives in movies and TV, black athletes as culture heroes, black actors playing God.Fifty years of Martin Luther King Day s, Black History Months, and Kwanzaas. Fifty years of black mayors, black police chiefs, black Attorneys General, a black President…And still they riot. 
Wouldn’t prudence suggest that we hold off on importing more diversity until we’ve made some progress in getting blacks to stop rioting? 
I guess Prudence doesn’t live here any more. (Links in original)
 I guess not.

But that isn't the really racist part.  This is:
My answer: Different races—different local varieties of Homo sap., that have followed different paths through evolutionary space for many, many generations, end up with different distributions on most heritable traits. That includes traits of intelligence, behavior, and personality. 
So in a multiracial society that rewards certain traits and penalizes others, different races will precipitate out, average-average, at different social levels. American blacks, for example, with low average IQ, low average impulse control, and high average inclinations to antisocial behavior, will tend to pool at the bottom of society, in slums and prisons and criminal gangs. 
The blacks thus pooled, being too dimwitted to understand anything about biology or statistics, will attribute their sorry plight to the malice of hostile agents. They’ll develop a lot of anger against those agents, the anger occasionally breaking out in riots.
Follow the link at the top and read the whole thing. It is sad that my country has come to this.  

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  1. Yes, this is all true. All my life the mainstream culture has been telling me this is not the case. That is what probably irks me the most. Being manipulated to not notice the truth.

    Whatever a man's race, he is still my brother and must be treated with respect and dignity. But don't tell me all races have the same capabilities.