Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Am So Glad Romney Lost ...

... otherwise, this doofus would be V-P

Paul Ryan tells the Tea Party that we are the problem:  So [Obama's] going to try to get us talking about guns or some other hot-button issue and not about his failures on ISIS or the economy or national security. He’s going to try to knock us off our game.

 Exactly, Ryan, what is your game?  Guns are an important issue.  So is immigration.  In fact, immigration is a bigger issue than ISIS to the American people. 

This is the kind of stupid that has infected the entire political class of both parties.  We do not need government involvement in the economy.  It's growth in the government sector along with the $19 trillion debt that the GOP Congress and Ryan in particular enabled that is killing the private sector. 

"National security" is newspeak for the GOP-enacted Department of Homeland Security, the bloated, ineffective tyranny of the TSA, the Patriot Act and NSA violations of the Fourth Amendment rights of all citizens.  I despise Obama, but Bush and the rest of the GOP are just as much to blame as the current Idiot and Chief.

Meanwhile, we are being invaded by hordes of third-worlders to fill unskilled positions and/or receive welfare and healthcare benefits, and the feds want to give out H1B visas by the truckload for more technical jobs.  Can't imagine how that effects the economy, not to mention the culture. 

I am not going to support another big-government candidate of the mono-party system just because he or she has (R) after the name. 


  1. Hi Mushroom

    The political class is a problem all over the western world. The problem appears larger in the USA because you are a much larger country, and more influential globally.

    I suspect the citizens of Europe are beginning to equally despise their leaders and their desire to bankrupt them both financially and culturally.

    To some extent we have brought the financial problems on ourselves, thinking the government can continue to give us 'free stuff' on a silver tray for ever and ever amen. Not those of us who have grown up of course, but far too many have wanted to believe this, and frankly still do.

    Culture trumps politics, and while our culture continues to be shaped by social media and sitcoms then we cannot expect our politicians to reflect anything other than those values.

    Still... there is a hope we share that prevents us from falling into the chasem of cynicism and despair. :-)

  2. That is a good point about sitcom and all. It really is culture. Television has had a lot to do with our decline. And you are right, too, that we have thought we could pay for everything without limit. I remember Johnson during the escalation in Vietnam talking about "guns AND butter". They thought growth would and could go on forever. It is a delusion of both right and left.