Monday, January 11, 2016

Something Shocks Me

Breitbart reports that none other than Missouri's own Phyllis Schlafly has endorsed Donald Trump.

Schlafly is the social conservative of social conservatives.  I can understand a Cruz endorsement, but she seems an unlikely supporter of the Donald.  This is the key:  

Today, Schlafly tells Breitbart that the defining and most important battle is immigration.
I have said before that the GOP establishment does not understand the voters when it comes to immigration.  Trump does.

Trump may be a bogus candidate, a stalking-horse in the manner of Ross Perot, but, like Perot and NAFTA, he has an issue that resonates.     


  1. That is interesting. I have to agree, the invasion of this country under the guise of immigration is the most important issue. I was thinking about this the other day, It's a gut reaction. What got me going on this train of thought was the reaction that wells in me when someone's junk pile encroaches on to my property line, or when somebody litters, or hunts without permission, or messes with a boundary line. I get ugly.

    Can't say I could support Trump though. He is in no way a Conservative/Libertarian.

  2. No, he is more big government. Schlafly is no idiot whatever one thinks of her beliefs, and she is strictly thinking in terms of the invasion.

    You bring up another good point. Our opposition is not based on fear. It is indignation or whatever it is when you feel you are being taken advantage of.

  3. Mark Steyn reports on a Trump meeting he attended at his kids insistance. Interesting insights.

  4. A long time ago someone told me that about the legal system: "The courtroom is a stage, and the best actors win." The same is true of politics. Reagan understood that, and maybe Trump does, too.