Monday, September 22, 2014

If Only We Had Separate But Equal

The reason there is so much violence in mostly black schools in Ferguson, MO is that there are white teachers:

In Elgin, Illinois, the black school board voted in March 2014 to stop hiring white teachers and hire more black teachers: “It is important that students have teachers who look like them,” remarked Vilma Sept, chairwoman of the U46 African-American advisory council, to the Courier News.
One reader ,"ben t", who, along with his wife, used to teach in a mostly black school makes an interesting comment:
We both experienced physical and verbal black racist abuse from pupils and parents, BUT THAT WAS OUTSIDE our own individual classrooms, and in the halls and the streets where our cars were parked. OUR OWN CLASSROOMS were always (almost) quiet and orderly. WHY? This sounds like bragging but my wife and I were born poor and raised in the toughest neighborhoods in Italian South Philly. We attended schools with substantial poor, black (and violent) student bodies. We knew first-hand all the tricks, behaviors, words coming from the Blacks. We never bought into the B.S. Liberal-Left, white, elitist concepts of  "white skin privilege" or that whites were all wealthy and blacks were all poor oppressed people. We demanded respect and GOT it. We demanded each, INDIVIDUAL student be responsible for their behavior or suffer the consequences of a poor education. We said and did things that, had administration known, could have gotten us fired. 

The problem lies with the school boards and the administrators.  You can have discipline and order and help educate kids who want to learn, or you can have chaos and increasing illiteracy and violence.  I went to high school with black kids, some average, some a little below, and some a little above.  Kind of like white people.  It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with family structure and motivation. 

Yes, you can put some more affirmative action teachers in classrooms in black neighborhoods and get all the white people out, and, while there may not be interracial violence, there will be little learning because you are addressing the symptoms of a sick system rather than the cause of the disease.  

When I was young we had forced busing to achieve racial integration because, if we force people to interact with one another, they will learn to get along.  That was stupid and a failure.  Now we find that white teacher can't understand " ... a lot of cultural differences ..." between themselves and their black students.  We honkies don't know what "Wassup" means.  The Wassup Rift, the great cultural divide.  More stupid.  More failure.

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