Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Follow-up on My Earlier CRKT Crawford Kasper Review

I reviewed this knife back in April. Since then I have had a chance to use it quite a bit and get the edge more to my liking.  While it serves as a respectable general use knife, if I did not make it clear in the earlier post, this is primarily a fighter.  I have used it trim limbs, cut cordage, slice meat, clean up radishes, cut trimmer line, and about everything else except field dressing game.  It has done everything well enough.  But the blade geometry is, shall we say, aggressive.

The Kasper has stood up well to my abuse.  It holds an edge reasonably well.  All I have had to do since getting it sharp is touch it up occasionally with the ceramic stone.

The knife is slightly deceptive.  I was with my granddaughter at the mall a couple of weekends ago.  She bought a new pair of flip-flops.  The shoes were connected to one another with plastic ties.  I offered to cut them for her, and when she couldn't break them, she allowed me to do that.  I flipped out the Kasper and sliced the plastic.  My granddaughter warned me in hushed tones that I should not flash a knife like that.  I assured her that it was legal.  And it is.  But remember that the blade is deeper than most pocketknives.  Also, the guard that is integral to the grip pushes the wielder's hand back half an inch or more beyond the ricasso.  Though the cutting edge of the blade is a non-threatening 3.5 inches, the reach is closer to four and a half.  with that deep blade and a chunk of the butt protruding, it does carry the look of a big knife.

I am gaining confidence in this blade to the point that I believe it would serve well if I were pressed to use it in a self-defense situation.

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