Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Zombie Apocalypse Is Not So Bad

... at least according to Spengler. Or perhaps compared to how bad it could be.

The idea is that the market is just going to grind along like the undead, no excitement, no dramatic wins, but no catastrophic losses. It's worth a read.

There is still the problem of government debt and entitlements, and the ever-increasing push for more of the same from the socialists. The Boomer generation is heading into retirement having counted on Social Security and a vibrant stock market to finance their retirement. Inflation is eating away at our savings and devouring our fixed incomes. Banks and corporations may be sitting on trillions in cash reserves, but how long can they live off their fat?

We are like an obese person who has been locked in a vault with a limited amount of food. No matter how much we have or how much we have stored, at some point, if we don't get out, we will die of starvation. No, it won't be quick or dramatic. Just inevitable.

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