Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tool Update

In my earlier post concerning certain tools, I mentioned that I normally fired slugs through my favorite 870 by simply switching to an Improved Cylinder screw-in choke. I also said that the long, vent-rib barrel is a little unhandy in confined spaces. That's not a big deal since I have effective center-fire handguns within easy reach should interior work be necessary. I decided, though, that a riot-gun configuration would sure be cute.

To that end, I called my friends at Midway and asked if they had a short barrel with a matte finish. They did. Since I live in the same state, I had to pay sales takes as well as shipping, but I got a Remington factory barrel with rifle sights adjustable for windage and elevation for $194.00 (including the NRA round-up contribution). The barrel is 18 and a half inches and is marked "Modified". I'm not so sure about the choke. It seems pretty open to me. However, it shoots slugs like they are going out of style. I won't be able to try it out at 100 yards until my eye gets fixed next month, but at 50 yards, it puts a nice big, round hole exactly where you point it. The rear sight is easily adjusted and has a white triangle pointing up at the U-notch. The front bead is highlighted in white as well, so visibility should be good under most conditions.

As I expected, the shotgun looks as good as it functions inspiring me to christen her "Geraldine" in honor of Alan Arkin's switchblade in "Wait Until Dark".

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